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Safety Performance History Records Request

Safety Performance History Records Request

Section 1: To be completed by prospective employee

I (Print Name)
First, M.I., Last
Social Security Number
Date of Birth

Hereby authorize:

Previous Employer:
Fax No.:
City, State, Zip:

To release and forward the information requested by section 3 of this document concerning my Alcohol and

Controlled Substance Testing records within the previous 3 years from
(date of employment application)


Prospective Employer: MGR FREIGHT SYSTEM INC
Street: P.O. BOX 328
City, State, Zip: Lyons, IL, 60534
Fax : (708)496-6500

In compliance with §40.25(g) and 391.23(h), release of this information must be made in a written form that ensures confidentiality , such as fax, letter or e-mail.

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